Exotic with Black Wall Interior Design

Black is dark, fierce and frightening! This statement is indeed a universal statement and tend to be negative. Let’s make a black wall? Huh?! Not wrong?! There is really not one. Because I would invite you to bring another atmosphere in your home by decorating your home with black wall interior design. How can I make black color become attractive, aesthetically and exotic for your home?

1. Full of black

Wall of the room full of black. Do not be afraid! Play with the black color. Create a friendly black to color your interior. Black wall, black floors and black furniture. What are the variations? Ceiling, wall ornament is white and the lighting becomes an interesting variation to black wall interior design.

2. Black and White

The black color that covered the entire wall and floor of your home will be attractive and beautiful with a combination of white on the ceiling and sofa. You can also put the white cabinets and painting with white the dominant color.

3. Black wall with colorful furniture

What would happen? You will have a new style after applying this design. Choose two or three colors to blend with black walls. For example, seat cushions or colorful rugs to combine black wall interior design.