Wonderful and Safe Mountain Home Architecture Design

Mountain home architecture design – Today, having a home with modern architecture is an achievement. Why? Obviously because of modern architecture is a dream of many people. Are pass in your mind to build a modern house in the mountains? You can use it for a place to rest during holidays and be a family gathering place.

What should be considered if you are building mountain home architecture design?

1. Characteristics of major construction

Special techniques are required if you are going to build a house on a steep slope of 30-50 degrees. Moreover, modern architecture required for the columns of the main structure of the building that can sustain the powerful. Should choose the basic design as a modern house design stage to avoid the adverse effects of nature.

2 . Building mass

The house that carries the hallmark of the modern concept of building your home. Concept dominated by geometric forms and free from complicated ornaments. This can be confirmed by the arrangement of horizontal lines on a floor by floor, and a row of structural poles have a slimmer impression.

3 . Housetop

Made with flat roofs and decorated with vines that reinforces the impression of a charming green.

4 . Place to relax

A place to relax or leisure you can make happen by building a swimming pool in the basement with a unique construction of hanging.

Hopefully this mountain home architecture design article can inspire you.