Green Home Architecture Design, Not Just Interesting Scene!

Who says modern architecture can’t be one with nature and can’t support the greening? You will see the astounding scenery after reading this article. Why? Because I will show green home architecture design.

Modern architecture is more identic with dense urban areas and design firm and does not require a lot of ornaments. With the green home architecture design, you will see the flexibility of a modern architecture. Why? With a green environment combined modern architectural design turned into a grounded feel of the environment and make you more cool and comfortable.

How? Many ways, and found here.

1. Modern architecture with geometric characteristic and can be applied firmly to the wall of greenery that surrounds the home of modern architecture. You can choose a short crop that can be set up covering the entire wall climbing. You should consider several things before applying. Start of species of plants, infiltration and security to the inner wall.

2. The garden in front of the house and on the roof of the house

Having a garden in front of the house may be used. What if your modern home architecture adorned with a garden on the roof of the house. Grasses and leafy plants grown on the roof of the house became the interesting scene and fun place to relax with family.

3. Building a house with modern architecture in the mountains / countryside

Is it possible? Why not? Modern architecture still fit to stand upright in the mountains / countryside. Enjoy the cool of the countryside through the large windows of your home is its own satisfaction. It is certain green home architecture design becomes your choice.