Another Sight, Wooden Home Architecture Design

Wooden home architecture design – Turns modern architectural design not only identic with concrete materials. Wood can also be used as the main ingredient to make the house with a modern architecture. Wood has the strong and sturdy characteristics. Natural style raised can really bring a cool and comfortable atmosphere. The combination of modern architectural design will be familiar with the glass timber and stone.

Then what kind of wooden home architecture design concept? All parts of the modern architecture of your house is made of wood. Starting from the roof, walls and floor. Wood wall combined with wide glass wall along the front and side. To choose the right type of wood for modern architecture house, you can consult with experts.

The floor would be better to use wood. It can bring a stylish and attractive look. The wooden floor makes it easier to clean the floor. The wood floors are available in a variety of colors. You can choose dark or bright colors. For the minimalist modern architecture, you can choose the wood with bright colors for the floor.

To build a house with wooden home architecture design, you have to consider the budget you have. Because the wooden house requires more funds than concrete. In addition to the budget, you also need to know the technique of cleaning your wood to keep wooden home architecture design clean and not easily damaged.