The New Breakthrough Underground Home Architecture

Innovation of design architecture is growing and varied. Has an underground garage may be used, but have underground home architecture seems worth mentioning as an innovative architectural design.

Many famous architects who are looking for innovation and design racing underground homes to be exemplary and ideas of many people.

One of the underground home architecture is make home basement hidden under lush grass garden. The roof of the house is designed as a garden lawn, equipped stairs to the basement of your home. When you down the stairs to get into the house, greeted by freshness pool and beautiful gardens will make your home more comfortable and natural.

You want to have fun by building a home theater or listening to music at high volume? It looks like you can enjoy the underground home design. Your neighbors will not hear it.

So how access to the roof? You can go to the roof to make the stairs at the house. So there are two stairs, inside and outside. Wow … fantastic.

To realize underground home architecture, there is a good idea to consult with an expert first. Due to build it requires proper technique.

Hope this article useful and here some pictures.