Realize Your Garden with Home Architecture Garden

Thinking about the progress of home architecture garden seems to have no end. Smart and intelligent people who bring new innovations, sophisticated and enchanting. One is a garden on the roof.

Garden on the roof is a roof that has recently grown rapidly, is used for home and commercial buildings. It can help you create a garden in limit area. Remember when we lived in urban areas, it is very difficult to have a house with a large area for the park. This is an innovation that could be a consideration for you.

What should be considered to make a home architecture garden on the roof?

In planning the construction of garden on the roof, we must first pay attention to the safety factor of a burden to be borne by the entire structure itself is not concrete, and a layer of garden soil load, plants and humans.

In addition, you also need to pay attention to the wind pressure, it depends on the altitude, the form of trees (shade) and the type of structures that support the roof gardening.

Once you pay attention to some above, you also need to understand about the protective waterproof, drainage, growing media and vegetation.

To make it easier to realize home architecture garden on the roof, you should consult with a garden expert.