Delight Christmas Bedroom Design

Children are unique. Their laugh, their doings of behavior and uniqueness is the spice that makes Christmas sweeter. I want to share tips and ideas to keep the joy of children in enjoying the Christmas holidays with Christmas bedroom design. What are my idea?

I start decorating the walls. I want to display a cheerful room for them. I will make my son’s room walls with Christmas tree ornaments made ??of paper and paste it on my wall. Under my Christmas tree ornaments give a few stacks of gifts.

At the top of the wall flashing lights twinkle give in lieu of the stars in the sky. Besides the beauty of the lights, I also made ??a star ornament made ??of fabric. After making a star pattern, sewing the edges and insert dacron inside pattern that I have made. I’m hanging on my son’s bed.

For bed cover, I replace it with a red Christmas theme. I chose a soft and comfortable material. To complete Christmas bedroom design I put big Santa hat in the ottoman bed.

The bedroom window, I decorate with flowers or hanger socks, a ball or a snowman made ??of paper.

I am sure my son loved it and enjoyed the holiday. Do you want your children enjoy the same things as my son? Try my Christmas bedroom design idea!