Creative Tips of Christmas Decorating Ribbon

If I mention the word “ribbon” what pops into your mind? Woman, beautiful, cheerful, graceful? What I mentioned the same as that appearing in your mind? If so! I want beauty, joy and grace that emerged from the ribbon coloring your Christmas decorations this time.

Talk about bands, you already know about the types? Ribbon has several types such as paper tape, cloth tape and mesh tape.

Inspired by the beauty of the tape, I would like to share ideas on Christmas decorating ribbon.

1 . Christmas tree from ribbon.

All you need to make this ornament is paper ribbon, beads, needle and thread.

First, put the beads on the thread. After that insert the ribbon above the bead. Form into longitudinal bands with beads interspersed. Longitudinal ribbons formed depending on how tall the tree you want to create. At the end will result in a small longitudinal and end beads. Be a Christmas tree from a pretty ribbon. Can be hung on a door or on a large Christmas tree.

2 . Wreath of ribbon

Just like a Christmas tree from ribbon, wreath of ribbons are also very easy to make as Christmas decorating ribbon. To make the wreath frame, thin bamboo prepare and shape into a circle.  Bamboo is used as a stool/center rigging tape. Ribbon shape using a standard form and ribbon. But this time do not cut, made ​​of bamboo connect to all forms of ribbon. If all bamboo has covered with decorative ribbon, the wreath of ribbon has been completed. Do not forget to install a hook for easy installation at the door or above the fireplace.

There are many other interesting decorations ribbons. Below I show some pictures of Christmas decorating ribbon.