Complete Your Korean Fever with Korean Home Architecture

Korean fever does not only apply to fashion, boy band and drama, but also Korean home architecture. Reflecting that I want to review about Korean architecture. What kind of character of modern Korean architecture?

Hallmark Asia homes is natural feel. Bringing these nuances into the house will make the different shades in your home. Korean house has a unique and modern design, exotic structures for contemporary nuances. Inside the house there is a garden / small courtyard flanked by the main room or living room. Garden plants are equipped with the typical Korean plants, formed a circle or other shape interesting and brings the feel of Korea. Besides his trademark is relatively spacious room, and clear. Equipped with a decorative sculpture, painting frame is straightforward.

To create a modern Korean home architecture, you do not need to bring all the hallmark of Korean in every detail of the house, you can take some of the details just to represent it. Such as the selection of furniture. You do not need to equip it with all- wood furniture. You can put a sofa. For the feel of Korea, choose seats or 1 thick tables and hard wood.

You are inspired to change the appearance of your house into a Korean home architecture? Here are pictures that could be a Korean house additional ideas. Complete your Korean fever with Korean home architecture.