Beautify Your Home with Creative Home Decoration

Lots of unused furniture in your house? Why do you save without exploited. Rather than discarded, I would invite you make a creative home decoration made from unused furniture.

1. Folding chairs you can use for cabinets or hangers. Do not be thrown away because you’re tired. Take advantage of this creative cupboard. Hanging on the wall of your folding chairs, hanging chairs upside down.

2. Your suitcase is old and outdated? Come hone creativity by utilizing using your suitcase into a chair. Enter your suitcase with foam with sew the cloth. After the suitcase containing foam, attach the legs for the chair support.

3. Home without a mirror, like a car without a rear view mirror. Purchase a mirror with common forms may be used, this time take advantage of your former rackets as mirror. To obtain satisfactory results, and you should safely handed over to the experts this design because it requires particular care when installing glass on the racket.

4. Appliances that are not used can also be the target of your creative home decoration. Into what? Bookshelves. The unused stairs are mounted horizontally on the wall of the house. In each used for bookshelves.

5. Bathtub you are not functioning properly? Again, this is a creative goal that should not be missed. Bathtub splitting into two parts. Adding foam in a bathtub as a place to sit. Adding feet on the bottom to complete the idea of the bath tub seat. Creative right?


You have more creative home decoration ideas? Share it here!