Play The Colors for Home Decorations 2014

Plans to replace the home decor, but are reluctant to commit too much effort? You can try with colors. Change the color, you can use an accent or a whole room is simple but effective to bring new atmosphere at your residence.

Welcoming the New Year, why not dye your home with shades of Teal. The color blend of blue and green that will be the ‘key’ in the development of the interior or exterior home decorations 2014.

Teal is selected as the Color Trends 2014 is a blend of blue and green that describes a change, calmness, flexibility once energetic. It is suitable for those of you who like to experiment with changes.

Teal is more properly used as accents to decorate the room. Color is also the most suitable material combined with wood and construction of industrial shades and gray palette.

Another home decorations 2014 is coloring your home decor with electric blue color.

Bold colors such as electric blue would be much more integrated with neutral colors such as light gray or light pink. You could say that the latest variation of house paint colors tend to be more daring than previous years, certainly while maintaining aesthetics. Paint a fresh minimalist house will be the trend in 2014 as both outside and inside the paint.

Electric blue paint color as minimalist home would be more suitable if applied in the main room or family room. While bright colors like lemon sorbet as a house paints are more flexible to be applied to any room.

For home decor, you do not need to be confused. With the trend of this color, will facilitate you to search for furniture and decorate to your liking.

Do you want to know another home decorations 2014? Here some pictures. Congratulations change the appearance of home decorations 2014.