Have You Know Modern Architecture? Let’s Understand

Modern architecture is an architectural development sessions in which the space becomes the main object to be processed. If in the past the architecture more thinking about how to process the façade, ornaments, and other aspects that are physical qualities, the modern architecture during the non-physical qualities was the first importance. The focus in modern architecture is how to come up with an idea of space, and then process/combine, until finally articulated in the preparation of elements in real space.

According to Rayner Banham in his book “Age of the Masters: A Personal View of Modern Architecture”, 1978, modern architecture emphasizes on the simplicity of the design. The architects wanted the building at the time of the ornament design is clean and in accordance with its function by eliminating understand eclecticism on each design. Modern architecture is an International Style Form Follows Function embracing (form follows function). Notching platonic solid all-round boxes, not decorated, monotonous repetition, is a hallmark of modern architecture.

What are characteristics of modern architecture?

• The International style or no style (uniform). It is an architecture that can penetrate the cultural and geographical.

• The form of imaginary, idealistic.

• Establish specific, functional. Form follows function, so that the form becomes monotonous because it is not processed.

• Less is more. The simpler is an added value to the architecture.

• Ornament is a crime that needs to be rejected. The addition of ornaments viewed as inefficient. Since it is considered not to have a function, it is because the speed needed to build after the end of World War II.

• Singular. Modern architecture does not have an individual characteristic of the architect, so it can’t distinguish between an architects with one another (uniform).

• Nihilism, the design emphasis is on space, the design becomes a plain, simple, large glass areas. No nothing except geometry and original material.

• Honesty material. The type of material / material used innocently exposed, is shown for what it is. Not covered up or camouflaged such that lost its original character. Mainly material used is concrete, steel and glass. These materials appear to reflect his character as it is pure, certain distinctive character that is a strength of the material type. A touch of plastic as wrapping materials with other materials is that the effort is not justified because it is considered obscure, destroy native strength possessed by these materials. For example:

1. Concrete to show the impression of heavy, massive, cold.

2. Steel for a solid impression, strong, industrialists.

3. Glass for the impression of light, transparent, hovering.

Have you understand? Hope this article can help you know about Modern architecture.