Enjoyable Home Decorations Holiday

Glad to greet the final seconds of 2013 and welcome the new atmosphere in 2014. Are you also excited as I am? Why does not have a spirit? Is it because you are not ready for greet it? Or you are still confused fill the year-end holidays with your children?

Let’s spirit with me. Because I will share ideas about making home decorations holiday. Curious?

What about invite your child to make a snowman from flannel? I’m sure would be fun to this holiday.

I would like to make a blue snowman. What should be prepared? Prepare two- color flannel. I chose the color white and blue, Dacron, threads, needles and markers.

Once all the ingredients to make home decorations holiday (snowman) are ready, start by cutting out flannel into a circle shape. Blue flannel cut larger than the white flannel. Once cut, sewing with stab stitch together the edges of flannel. Fill with Dacron and pull the ends of the thread so flannel wrap the Dacron.

Once filled with Dacron sewing flannel so as to form two spheres, the sphere of blue and white. Blue for doll body, white for head. Combine these two spheres to form a snowman.

Take the blue flannel, and put on top of a white flannel circle. Sew the ends and give a little to impress the rest of the hair/hat doll. Give ornate nose, eyes using markers.

Snowman has been successfully created and you can make it for home decorations holiday.

What else can be used to decorate your home and to fill the holiday? Here are some pictures that might be can try at home and enjoy your meaningful holiday