Pure White Design by Susanna Cots

Pure White Design by Susanna Cots. Pure white. This is one way this project has been named where white-colored is the star. White-colored as the sum of every one of the colours of the gentle is the starting point with this amazing project: a residence by the sea at the top of a cliff endowed with natural light. Pet owners wished for white and luxury to reign through the entire entire house.

The Pure White Design property is divided into five places. The service location is projected to deal with up to five folks and the decoration and also furniture are all coded in white. The kids mentorship that includes the children’s rooms and a lounge is the only section of the house with brushestrokes regarding colour.

The daytime sector that includes the living area and living room places was projected in a fashion that the exterior seems to leak into the house when relaxing on the settee one is invaded from the intense blue with the sea, which lays eyes upon the whole living area plus the kitchen.

The upper section of the Pure White Design houses building any cube that discovers the main suite. The space is decorated entirely in white with the exception of the bathroom, which is coded in deep dark basalt natural stone, and a black floor covering that crosses the space. Several objects inside distressed silver for instance a mannequin and decorative casings on top of the boudoir provide minimal touches regarding colour to the area.

Finally, the invitee area on the ground flooring next to the swimming pool will be floored with the same material since the outdoor to combine both areas a lot more, so that fuse in a essence.