Creative Cardboard Furniture Design for Eco-Friendly Home Interior

Creative Cardboard Furniture Design for Eco-Friendly Home Interior. Karton Group create some creative cardboard furniture for you who like to add some eco friendly elements on your home interior. In the first time you found these pictures, maybe you would not imagine, what is the furniture made from? Its look like wood, but it isn’t strong enough like wood. Yes, it wasn’t wood material. If you look at carefully, there some different you would find. This is one of the new concepts of furniture in the next future, where there were other material used as the raw material for the furniture.

Recent days, the life-style of people was changed as long as the development of industry in furniture’s side. They were not only attracting in practical furniture, but also eco-friendly and also conveniently in priced. The solution was given here. We called it cardboard furniture. An innovative incredible interior which is can be implemented in our next plan in design modern concept of home.

What is Creative Cardboard Furniture? To be frank, Cardboard furniture was made from carton. Carton, as we know was treated as package of box or something. However, in the hand of amazing designer, this waste stuff, if we might say; become worthy thing in which costly. We found the best thing, cardboard furniture on carton. Therefore, how was this stuff features? The form of the carton was flat-packed. Carton was home-delivered in paper stack folds to show the strength which is look like an impossible thing. The other interest thing of this stuff was the simple procedure in forming.

It was a bright idea; system of folds and tabs makes assembly an easy task with no tools or glue required. The result is stunningly simple cardboard furniture you can live with; equal parts creature strongman and lightweight drifter. It was exceptionally handsome and conveniently cheap way to sleep, sit, store or live. Move it, store it, recycle it or leave it exactly where it is. Please check out the Creative Cardboard Furniture Design photo gallery below.