Zoetermeer Residence Design by Maxim Winkelaar Architects

Zoetermeer Residence Design by Maxim Winkelaar Architects. The original house, integrated 1999 has been through a complete transformation. The first house consisted of top to bottom rectangular volumes together with three floors. Coupled to the volume was slanted masking of combined goblet and copper cladding. This kind of lead to unacceptable loss and an unacceptable local weather right from the original finalization. The owners patiently attemptedto live with these disadvantages for a few years but at some point decided that the remedy would be to remodel their residence. The technical attributes of the main amount were excellent in order that with some adjustments they are often maintained and put in place into the new layout.

We created a Zoetermeer Residence Design of interlock lines and amounts. Each of the four facades have got individual characteristics which were achieved with the use of medially and outward showing masses and styles. Examples of these techniques can easily are clearly obvious in the loggia of the lounge located on the first floor as well as the expansion of the kitchen that features a balcony. The facades certainly are a combination of white plaster perform and ‘Keralit’ timber seem. The shapes and also curves in the facades make certain coherence in the design and also presents a lively effect.

The Zoetermeer Residence Design living room has been given on the first floor in order that the view of the lake nearby can be even appreciated to full level. The living room is equipped with a big gas fire place which usually separates the room in to a sitting area and television location. The first floor furthermore houses a kitchen pantry, a study and a rec room for the children. The master bedroom has an en-suite bathroom and also dressing room which can be situated, next to the access hall and the cooking area on the ground floor. About the second floor there are 2 additional bedrooms plus a bathroom.

With the new constructing additions, the house is improved by 75 m2. Solar panel systems have been implemented on the flat roof these types of the high parapet they are not obvious from the street stage. Please check out the Zoetermeer Residence Design photo gallery below.