The Forest House Design by EMA

The Forest House Design by EMA. The home is based in the hills of Mazamitla, 120 km’s away from Guadalajara (Mexico), in the steeply sloping terrain flanked by a thick this tree forest. Rocks, earth, rain, pines, fog … the advantage of the landscape as well as the natural elements inside the site are the philosophy and constant ideas for the project.

The Forest House Design comes out from the rocks found in the site, which usually shape the made up of walls and the downstairs room of the house. The intersection regarding two volumes with different heights produces a path inside the landscape, which makes one of the most of the natural downward slope and emphasizes the particular panoramic views.

The access to the Forest House Design is sandwiched involving the stones of the pile and a wall using a direct view in the house to the identical stonewall. This access area hidden and sealed between artificial and also natural elements gives some drama after entering the house. From this kind of corner you enter the particular closed space created by the union present in main volumes. It is a double-height space corresponding to any cube of 7 metres side, which provides extensive views to the landscaping. So the contrast will be emphasized: the threshold gets to be limit and, concurrently, connection between these thus dramatically different circumstances.

All the other areas of the house are accessible from this double-height area. On the same floor, you can find three of the several bedrooms connected by way of a corridor characterized by a big elongated window in which frames the rocks of the site, hence strengthening the discussion with the landscape. About the upper floor, related by a bridge-walkway, are the some other two rooms: the particular grandparents’ (homeowners) and their grandchildren’s. About the lower level, the quantity that contains the liveable space hides below the principal entrance and happens from the ground in the protagonist way achieving the foliage with the pines. This rectangular solid wood “box” reminiscent of the “tree house” frames previously mentioned the wooded landscaping that surrounds that. Check out the Forest House Design photo gallery below.