Nando’s Design by Blacksheep

Nando’s Design by Blacksheep. Having previously performed two refurbishments for your restaurant chain Nando’s (inside Soho and Southampton), Blacksheep was requested to create a site-specific design for the new branch inside Ashford, Kent. The quick was to design a thought space that steered your client away from the traditional Nando’s Design and put a Blacksheep unique style and perspective on the well known and also loved chicken bistro. The client wanted to entice a more mid industry customer base and get off a mass market centred enterprise structure.

The client stood a clear idea of viewers, however the challenge could be that the location was in an isolated leisure park in which already attracts a specific type of cliental and has many different competing restaurants nearby. Secondly, the Nando’s Design building, earlier one half of a night club, was a vast, spacious shell, which had a lot of space – the peak was reduced coming from 10m to 7m to form a a lot more workable area, this is accomplished by a stopped wooden lattice that developed a boundary around the kitchen and low ceiling lamps to create a sense of sexual relations.

Blacksheep’s first priority would have been to attract passing business. This was achieved simply by opening up the frontage and also creating an eye-catching façade making use of diagonal strips regarding oak accompanied by metallic outdoor furniture with Iroko table-tops. Taking into consideration the scale of the internal – 10m high roofs and a total part of 380 sq m : Blacksheep decided to give the bistro a New York loft space feel, combining timber and metalwork accents using a pared-down aesthetic. To make the area feel more close, Blacksheep installed a raised program with booth sitting and bespoke hardwood latticework, as well as designing massive custom-made light-shades.

Blacksheep also created a large-scale custom artwork, in the kind of Southern African Ndebele indigneous group, using thousands of decorated wooden dowels. Bold and also iconic, it weighs in pride regarding place as you enter in the restaurant. Check out the Nando’s Design Photo Gallery below.