Bord-du-Lac House Design by Henri Cleinge

Bord-du-Lac House Design by Henri Cleinge. Approached to renovate any 200 year old Quebec, canada, stone house also to design a significant inclusion, we were challenged to be able to define a clear conceptual method which would reconcile an up to date architectural language for the ancestral home. The first structure once belonged for the Hudson Bay Company together the main entrance going through the river, where the outdated road was positioned. Over time, a new highway was built about the back side of this Bord-du-Lac House Design, which now took over as front.

The program necessary sheltering four generations: the fantastic grandfather, the grandpa and grandma and the children inside the old house, as well as the parents in the inclusion.

This led to the idea of pulling a parallel involving the multi-generational component of the program it comes with a contemporary project will be built alongside any historical house. This way, the design expresses the passing of time. The strategy defined alone as a contemporary undertaking contrasting the existing natural stone house, yet owning an obvious relationship for the ancestral home. This concept ofBord-du-Lac House Design extended to the approach the spaces are usually defined, as a couple of double height rooms are at opposite comes to an end, one in each amount, linked by a course highlighted by a connection linking the old residence to the new amount.