Hangzhou Stool Design by Min Chen

Hangzhou Stool Design by Min Chen. The Hangzhou Stool contains many layers regarding bamboo veneer of the fullness of 0.9mm. Each and every veneer again is made of numerous ultra thin bamboo sheets layers that is aimed vertical to each other in accordance with its natural course of the bamboo muscle. In such way, each and every veneer becomes not only extremely flexible but also sturdy in all directions.

Hangzhou Stool Design by Min Chen. Each bamboo sheets veneer is different in length. They may be bent in an arc condition and glued collectively at the last 25cm of each and every end. There is a single piece of raw bamboo sheets stick that seeps in the veneers and also combines the two comes to an end of the stool.

The particular layers of bamboo sheets veneer in Hangzhou Stool Design give a very special “arc” with the stool, just like the ripples about the water surface. Any time sit, the more bodyweight the stool will get, the deeper the particular arc will be bent inside the center, and therefore the a lot more elasticity the user will certainly feel. Below, The Hangzhou Stool Design by Min Chen Pictures Gallery :