DLC House Design by Vanguarda Architects

DLC House Design by Vanguarda Architects. This residence has been developed from a huge white-colored attaching wall which has all the capabilities and is also absolutely open to the particular back garden to be able to take pleasure in the various views for the lake and its surrounding. The accessibility will be materialized by having a stone flattened wall that transforms the access in to a wall that divides the parking places, regarding which the DLC House Design service rooms are simply: laundry, storage area, pantry, service room and bathroom.

To the still left of the access, about the front, there is a examine strategically located so as to grow in privacy. The lounge, of a double elevation, includes the sculpture-like stairway that leads us for the upper floor and is also integrated into the living area, designed for family group meetings from a large stand surrounded by sofas and also chairs.

After this, look for the kitchen, also which includes an informal dining room or perhaps breakfast counter plus a small family room. About the rear façade, a large showing roof that comes in the glass façade forms the particular gallery, over which look for a large terrace together with panoramic view that could be accessed from the main bedroom. The other bedrooms, a couple of en-suites, were placed for the front of the whole lot to be used on saturdays and sundays by the owners’ children in addition to their families. Please check the images about DLC House Design below.