Bronte House Design by Rolf Ockert

Bronte House Design by Rolf Ockert. The client approached us all to create house of these dreams on a web site perched high on the Pacific Ocean, a home that has been to make them feel like located on holiday every day. Even though the view was great the site was tiny and suffocated simply by overbearing neighbouring dwellings.

The done Bronte House Design, though, can feel generous and as when it is alone with the marine and the sky. Being securely restricted by web site conditions there were couple of avenues we could decide to use create generosity regarding space and location:

Firstly the particular surprising height with the living room space which takes advantage of the only expensive spatial dimension available to us all.

And secondly the search for sightlines to water and also sky wherever possible. Large side walls, regarding privacy but also to offer mass for a cozy indoor climate, have got continuous highlight house windows for the enjoyment regarding 360° views of the heavens. The large face tangible wall dominating the room has slim slot machine windows, allowing proposition glimpses of the ocean any time entering the house although effectively cutting out the particular visual presence of the particular neighbour.

The Bronte House Design unwraps itself up entirely to the East, the particular presentation of the beautiful water views. And also this allows the capture with the constant ocean sea breezes to cool down the residence throughout the year, easily governed by a plethora of venting options from moving doors to operable louvres.

A abundant but reduced colour pallette of strong, sun kissed materials, from the previously listed concrete to Hardwood flooring and roofs, rust metal coatings and thick, uneven renders, contrasts with all the fine detailing with the interior and anchors the residence up against the airy, light factor created by the opening for the views.

Sophisticated simplicity is the most appropriate motto for your design of this residence. Being on a very tiny block the client’s anticipation of the generosity and style standard to be attained required a very rigid approach. While the emphasis is naturally on the maximisation with the enjoyment of the stunning ocean views it absolutely was the suburban circumstance that drove a lot of the major design selections: The slotted upper concrete wall, the particular solid southern act, the high roof having its continuous strip regarding highlight windows and also louvres. This Bronte House Design is designed by : Rolf Ockert Design – Photography: Sharrin Rees