Bella Outdoor Design by Carsten Astheimer

Bella Outdoor Design by Carsten Astheimer. Elegant, sleek powdered coated aluminium casings are combined with designed laminated teak slats to generate a unique form, genuine in both its notion and its execution. This kind of purity is more than style, it’s a statement. That innovates, challenges and keeps true to the designer’s perspective. But this isn’t form above function. Exceptional components, master craftsmanship plus a dedication to ease and comfort ensure that the Bella Outdoor Design collection feels similar in results as it looks. The particular vision behind Accogliente was simple : what would the ultimate modern day outdoor seating assortment look like?

The answer coming from leading European merchandise designer Carsten Astheimer, challenged every factor of Gloster’s technical and producing capabilities, yet by means of experience, craftsmanship and keenness, a way was found to be able to re-create the vision. Important the design of Bella will be its highly created seat and again made from a series of designed, laminated teak slats. Special within outdoor furniture, this selection provides a three-dimensional form, creating Bella not only sophisticated, but also supremely cozy. Bella Outdoor Design by Carsten Astheimer have 5 pictures below.