Arsenal B47 Design by Ralph Germann Architectes

Arsenal B47 Design by Ralph Germann Architectes. The owner of the collection desired to transform this kind of former Swiss armed service building, constructed through the Second World War, into a liveable space.

Architect Ron Germann’s transformation involved applying a glass dice into the old construction, an option which designed he didn’t have to feel the patina with the walls, and surely could preserve the roof and a few historic details including the “charge maximum 1500 kilo au m2”[maximum load 2500 kg/m2] sign on the wall structure.

Whilst wishing to sustain this testimony for the past, the designer of Arsenal B47 Design retained only straightforward materials – commendable and solid : including larch, slate, goblet and metal. And also by interpreting them making use of clean, pure traces, he has given the chalet a classic feel. To avoid moving into an atmosphere regarding austerity, Ralph Germann has extra an unexpected touch regarding colour behind the particular cloakroom door: a striking shade of fuchsia.

This kind of Arsenal B47 Design, functional most importantly of all, places the increased exposure of light and area. To achieve the second, the particular architect has developed another cube : but in wood now. Set within the center of the glass construction, it houses the particular WCs, cupboards, and even their bed, which folds upwards when not in use. This optimises area in this area, which actions only 49 m2.

A big picture window : that can be concealed or perhaps revealed thanks to twice wooden doors : and a long, side to side window ensure outstanding lighting. Please check the gallery of Arsenal B47 Design below.