Sofas Baratos, Northwestern Spanish Sofa

The Galician says their cheap sofa as sofas baratos. It has more design and features than ordinary one, for example one sofa with built-in bed, 8seats, and L-shaped. Nowadays, there are thousands of companies manufacturing such sofa; some of them quite popular these few months such as Mariner and Skyline Design.


Sofas Baratos por Skyline Design

Skyline Design is a brand under Joenfa Group which specialized in designing and manufacturing luxury outdoor furniture. Their fresh release is Spartan outdoor sofa which has been used to furnish the outdoor spaces of 5, 6, and 7 star hotels in five continents. The sofas baratos can protect you from excessive sunlight while enjoying the irreplaceable panoramic views.

They said inspiration came from outdoor lifestyle of Southern Californian evoking the Old Hollywood style with 21st century perspective. In collaboration with Dann Foley, they also created BRAFTA collection of sofas baratos to explore all possibilities of in and out furnishing concepts. They have weather resistant hand-woven fibers with solid aluminum structure. One can find their sofas baratos online at


Sofas Baratos por Mariner

Mariner is producing Valencia-based sofa or known as sofas baratos Valencia. Their core success values are Internationalization, personalization and bespoke projects. Not so long time ago they launched two new collections, LOTTO and MARAIS. With the company motto Supreme Luxury Experience since 1893, they have cleared projects all around the world such as interior design of the BISTANGO mega-yacht with NEVA collection and decoration of an official Russian residence plus the VIP lounge at Malabo Airport. It seems that these 2 companies will continue to introduce sofas baratos all around the world.