Rammed Earth Modern House Design Architecture

Rammed Earth Modern House Design Architecture. A modest individual story hillside home made for a family wishing to downsize and also simplify. The feel of this kind of home is evocative of the mid-century modern day homes which when dominated the surrounding location before the McMansion craze with the last decade.

This Rammed Earth Modern House is Very humble, natural materials including rammed earth walls, limestone surfaces and Douglass Fir timber ceilings are stitched inside and out in a innovative play of interlock interior and exterior living spaces. The dimensions of the home is extremely “cozy” and visually peaceful with a minimalist way of materials and outlining, allowing the focus to be art and dynamics, meeting the owners purpose of creating a home of easy sophisticated elegance without getting boastful.

This Rammed Earth Modern House has been shoot by : Winquist Photography, Phoenix, AZ – Architect: Kendle Design Collaborative