Pink Sofa Pillows for Attractive Loveseats

One of the attributes for romantic atmosphere on the loveseats is pink sofa pillows. Have you ever seen Betty Boop character? They even draw her on the pillow with pink theme and flirty style which is perfect for your loveseats. With these pillows on it, you can spend no time with your beloved ones.


Pink Sofa Pillows Prices

The pillows have wide range of prices, depending on how and what they made of. It can be pink flower embedded on white pillow or Betty Boop cartoon. The latter is more expensive of course. Normally, pink sofa pillows will cost you about 50 to 200$ each. For historical and brand reasons some designers put their pillow on higher prices e.g. Monteciton pillow, Francesca Buff pillow, etc.

There are 2 ways to print the pillow, either automatically by machine or manually drawn by hands. The latter have higher prices perhaps because the designers have spent long time and it is harder to draw the pink sofa pillows. Hot pink throw pillow like Betty Boop’s will be hard to draw manually thus it is printed by machine.


Pink Sofa Pillows Styles

Not all pink pillows are square; some of them can be heart-shaped, flower-shaped, animal-shaped, etc. Many people think the heart shape is more suitable than the other styles because in their opinion heart is often represented by pink or red color. This public preference is proven by the sales rate of both products in the markets which stands for heart-shaped pillows. People also prefer pillows with “Love” or “I Love You” written on it than just plain pink pillows. Market data has shown that pink throw pillows target female segment, either the career woman or teenager. Since females market segment has higher potential than males, pink sofa pillows perhaps has no sales ending in the market.