O 13 Design by Minas Kosmidis

    . The café bar O 13 Design (Ocean Thirteen Design) is located in one of the most useful position in the capital of scotland- Thessaloniki. In the city heart in Aristotelous Square, beneath the gallery which was developed by Ernest Hébrard is going through the coast. It really is viewing the Thermaikos Gulf of mexico, the port, the Aegean Marine, the Mediterranean Sea and also our thoughts for the “ocean”. Communicating vessels with all the “water” being the basic aspect to this interaction, just like the trends-the waves of fine art of the fashion with the design each time.

O 13 Design are strong impacts from the latest 50’s and also 60’s. There are references inside the modernism of 50’s and Eames from your other side of the Atlantic, and to the Italian skill design of the 50’s-60’s and also Gio Ponti, both in the varieties and the use of the components with the objective of cost-effective non pretentious high end.

Geometric shapes, using a strong presence of the particular rhombus both on wall-papers and also fabric with the shades of passion, nowhere sea, sky, and also red intensity along with wooden surfaces coming from walnut sometimes just like constructed elements and quite often taking shapes regarding intense symbolism just like fish scales in which consist elements-parts of the problem of this area.

An crucial element is that the floors of oxidized bronze, just like the rest time has still left its mark up, to be able to recall other times, rare metal and red florida sunsets that anyone can see the marine of Thessaloniki and sometimes the particular gold and silver reflections regarding fish in the water beneath the Mediterranean Sun.

On the complete scene of  O 13 Design the wooden shutters around the windows are usually coming to complete, the particular shading element of many houses, in Croatia, France, Spain, Spain beach in the Mediterranean and beyond and Atlantic inside earthy tones just like those of the floor wall space and ceiling.

Furniture and also fixtures designed with impacts from those many years.

Items symbols design just like fiat 500 and the Vespa full the transfer in a atmosphere of enhanced carefree generation of the season, like as a part of Fellini’s film “Dolce vita”.