Merricks House Design by Robson Rak Architects

Merricks House Design by Robson Rak Architects. The clients; a couple of with two young kids, had bought a 10-acre countryside farm block after a little farmhouse in Merricks N ., 50 minutes push from Melbourne. The house was bought being a weekender with the intention of developing a new house with enough area for their family to cultivate and enjoy through the years.

The clients acquired also sought any south facing web site due to one of them creating a particular sensitivity to be able to direct sunlight.

The initial quick for the house has been for a simple square box with shaped spaces. The objective getting for the creation of order and also symmetry to streamline ones life. Additionally there was to be simply no direct harsh gentle into the house; merely a natural glow associated with throughout.

We confident the clients in which by breaking up this kind of rectangular boxed program we could create a lot more interesting spaces in which offered the order and also quiet the client wanted but also created a energetic building which also supplied surprising little excursions such as the window couch next to the fireplace.

Simply by responding to the natural tumble of the land we all created two ranges to the building together with three distinct specific zones, the effect being a extended, low presence about the landscape.

The ‘Plane’ shrub outside the master bedroom south determined the planning and also position of the house. The main bedroom was centered away from this tree as well as the house and its specific zones extend to the west from this level.

The parents zone for the east of Merricks House Design, consists of a main bedroom, walk in gown, ensuite, and study space. The analysis can be accessed straight from outside and also has it’s very own private view for the north of the house.

The central zoom of the Merricks House Design is the principal living, dining, home, and includes the doorway to the house. As a result of the brief regarding ensuring plenty of day light without any harsh primary Northern or American sun into the principal living areas, a great eave was designed which colors thin long advanced level windows above the dinner and the living places. Strategically placed skylights and also glass windows aid in the constant glow this kind of house is being shampooed in. i.elizabeth.; the skylights over the cooking area bench and entry way windows ensure that the key zone is shampooed in beautiful gentle from sunrise to be able to sunset.