Kitchen Cupboards Paint of New and Old Cupboards

Either you want to paint laminated cupboards or new cupboard, choosing the right kitchen cupboards paint is essential for the appearance and safety of the goods inside. Some kitchen looks like primitive cave because of the cupboard’s dark theme. Kitchen makeover doesn’t necessarily mean replacing all the cupboards with the new one. Brushing some new paint is a good option for such condition. Some paints contain toxic materials that chronically affect your health.


Selecting Kitchen Cupboards Paint

There are many kitchen cupboards paint available in the store, from spray to classic liquid form. Consider every aspect comprehensively; paint has many unique properties which exploited for various usages. Some of them are not slide off the shiny surface, waterproof, high light transmittance, high durability, etc.  Many of them available as all-in-one product (kitchen cupboards paint kit) so you don’t have to purchase the component(s) separately. In the previous case, you may need brighter paint combined with darker paint for the cupboard and its border respectively. Besides that, make sure the paint has no non-tolerable chemical constituent such as methylene chloride. Latex paints or water based paints is less detrimental to our environment than oil based paints.


Laminated cupboard is harder to paint; you need good quality adhesion primer in the primary phase. It is important to rub the surface with the sandpaper first to remove old paint as much as possible. Before applying kitchen cupboards paint, do a lot of thin layers of primer and leave them to dry. It’s essential for great repainting and is going to last for months if you do it perfectly.


Review about Kitchen Cupboards Paint Products

There are many kitchen cupboards paints reviews available on the internet, just like comparison between 2 technology products. Almost every company such as Dulux or B&Q provides their own reviews for the customer. From the reviews, you can compare the properties of each paints and their advantage/disadvantage. For dulux’s paint, it will become thicker after drying thus we can finish the painting faster. Please remember that, whichever kitchen cupboards paint that you choose ensures it is safe for your family’s health.