Kids Bedroom Ideas Use Funny and Playful Concept

Make a comfortable room for kids uses kids bedroom ideas is the recent trend in this modern era. Most of urban people make their children room especially their bedroom use a funny dan playful concept, colorful design, unique bedroom furnitures until equipped with different types of games or toys. Almost of them take a concept according to the kids favorite cartoon or what activity the kids loves to do. Therefore we can use some ideas that conform to the space of the room using kids bedroom ideas for small spaces.

 Kids Bedroom Ideas Use The Kids Favorite Cartoon

All childern both boys or girls love cartoon characters starting from animated film, disneyland cartoon characters, until japaness cartoon like anime characters or manga comics. Therefore, try to decorate the kids room uses kids bedroom ideas use their favorite cartoon will be better. For the example we choose to use mickey mouse concept or sponge bob. These to concept can be apply for both of boy and girl.

For kids bedroom ideas use mickey mouse concept, we can select a wall paper that is designed using this concept. But if we don’t find it, we can select white-red tone color combination then hang some mickey mouse and family picture on the wall. To make it looks like mickey’s world, select a red bunk bed that has mickey design, red micky desk and storage and a black chair. Put some mickey decorations on the desk and the storage also mickey’s friends characters such as donald duck.

 Kids Bedroom Ideas Special for Boy

There are some unique bedroom designs for the boys. for the example pirates design and  basketball design. For pirates concept, a black-brown boat bed and shark toys stuffed into the main furniture in kids bedroom ideas for boy. After that, a wooden storage shaped like a treasure chest, a desk navy, ship replicas,  anchor  decoration, and the others sea ornaments is must to arranged regularly to make kids bedroom ideas look more intersting.