Italian Kitchen Design Marca

Some creative company like GED Cucine and Doimo Cucine are working on italian kitchen design. Energy and Numerouno italian kitchen design brands are their work, respectively. With the increasing kitchen goods and the needs to have an aesthetic prestigious kitchen at home, one really should consider about using the company design.


Italian Kitchen Design by GeD Cucine

Energy is the kitchen furniture series from GeD Cucine. The design is focused on the balance between form and function. This italian kitchen design is offering quality at competitive prices. They have 20 mm flat and thick doors with 4 thermoset melamine surface designs. Three further MDF door with polymer coating and edges are produced with high technology and available in white / beige colors. For greater customization, there are 25 types of chrome-plated or painted handles, each with different and unique looks. The edges are made of ABS and glued with special polyurethane to withstand high temperatures. Its aesthetic designs make everyone crawling for it to be available at home.


Italian Kitchen Design by Doimo Cucine

Doimo Cucine always producing lovely and comfortable italian kitchen designs. Their italian kitchen design ideas was inspired by everyday functionality. All models offer affordable aesthetics and quality whether it is polish cover, veneer or laminate. They are using high-quality materials and modern approach to guarantee that one always gets pleased and satisfied. That small accessory details and the comfortable set will make you spend no time in the kitchen while preparing the dishes for the whole family.

One of the famous kitchen design from them is Numerouno. They are made with modern materials in combination with the old 60s design. They provide 32 colors variances in glossy or matte lacquer finishing. This wide variety of colors, design, and materials (natural stone, steel, glass, Corian and quartz) allows one to create multiple personal compositions that suit with their own preference. DC’s expert consultants are always ready to help you in preparing unique italian kitchen design for the kitchen.