Girl Bedroom Ideas Use Some Unique Beds

There are various girl bedroom ideas for the modern house. Many parents give thier daughters of an exciting room, girly, colorful design, also has a few interesting room fixtures. Moreover, lately in recent years, many designs have been made ​​specifically for girls room using very interesting and varies ideas.

 Amazing Girls Bedroom Ideas Use Loft Bed

Girls bedroom ideas with loft bed seem to be the alternative ideas beside choosing girls bedroom ideas with bunk beds. We can start to apply these girl bedroom ideas according to the space of the room. so let’s decided to choose purple or orange color schema for the main color. For the purple room schema, we need to put purple wall paper with floral design on the wall. Then use white or pale purple tile for the floor. If you feel tile will make room feels too cold in the winter season, then we can choose wooden material for the floor.

After we selected the right color for wall and the floor, we need to choose proper some  room equipments. For the main furniture in girl bedroom ideas, we have to choose the unique shape of the loft bed. For the example we choose a purple-gray loft bed that has been made little bit higher then usual. A small gray stair is placed in its right side, while empty are located just below the loft bed can be used as learning area using a white chair and  U-shaped purple desk.

 Girls Bedroom Ideas Use Loft Bed and Its Decoration

To maximize the display of the room looks more beautiful, use a purple closet for clothes that is located near a dressing table and a book storage. After that, a gray carpet can be placed in another side of room. Don’t forget to put some decoration on the wall, and the desk. Moreover, use white-purple floral design for the curtain of the window also will help make girls bedroom ideas more look amazing.