Angophora House Design by Richard Cole Architecture

Angophora House Design.Built over a great escarpment in a densely urbanised traditions conservation area inside Waverton, the form of this residence responds to the hard site using the components of cave, platform and also canopy. On coming into the house from the top road, one goes through a curvaceous enclosing tangible wall with caribbean garden over. A couple of platforms launch to the space of the pit, extending out from the anchoring escarpment.

Insulated hardwood moveable walls convert the space from cozy and enclosing to start and unimpeded. A sheltering hardwood lined roof unwraps to the north, comes in response to the downward slope of the land and also captures framed opinions of adjacent Angophora timber. The escarpment of Angophora House Design is stored, raw and ready to accept the rooms with the lower ground floor. A spectacular lift takes pet owners to the garage all the time below.Angophora House Design by Richard Cole Architecture.