The Cola-Bow Design by Penda

The Cola-Bow Design by Penda. The cola-bow is really a public art installation constructed in excess of 17.000 plastic bottles, that have been braided to produce a shape inspired through the shifts from the Coca-Cola logo design.

The bottles of Cola-Bow Design were collected with a joint initiative of colleges around Beijing and Coca-Cola China to provide people a bottle of Coke for each 10 empty ones cut back to some recycling place. The quantity of collected plastic containers wound up within an entrance conopy towards the Student Beijing Design Exhibition.

Cola-Bow Design Pics

Cellular phone also needs to function as a statement against plastic pollution if you take trash and making it a pet shelter. Several things that are most convient to all of us are constructed of plastic.

The Cola-Bow Design by Penda

A not big enough number of this plastic waste finish in recycling bins.To complicate matters, plastic is persistent within the atmosphere where it may remain as much as 450 years. Encircled by elevated pollution every, the sculputure may also be seen as an indication for creating awareness to recycle plastic waste. Via : Penda