Multicolor Lighting LED for Christmas Tree

Using multicolor lighting LED for Christmas tree will give a lot of advantages. When Christmas is coming, especially in some countries that have winter season, Christmas tree will be decorated and will be placed indoor and also outdoor. Christmas tree usually decorated by a lot of lamps and others decoration like ball, doll, star, and more. The main decoration that causes Christmas tree shining bright is the light effect. Turn the lights on along the day make better Christmas environment. Usually people use multicolor lighting bulb or “lamp”-as it is usually called by industry. Turn on this kind of lamp along the day will cost too much energy.

The Differences between Multicolor Lighting LED and Light Bulb

On the light bulb, electricity is flowed through filament until the filament become hot and produce light. The 90 percent until 100 percent of this energy will be processed into heat. In LED there is no hot filament to produce light, so only a few energy that will be processed into heat. This will not cost too much energy and will be more efficient. To make multicolor lighting, considering the cost that must be pay is a must and also choosing the right lighting source.

The Advantages of Using Multicolor Lighting LED

Using LED to make multicolor lighting is easier, because LED can produce three basic colors-red, green, and blue. For decorating Christmas tree that needs varieties of color, using multicolor lighting LED is very suitable. Unlike the traditional light, LED doesn’t need any layer or diffuser to absorb the light. LED with its monochromatic light has greater power over the white light when a specific color of light is required.

While Christmas people generally turn on the Christmas tree light long the day.  By using multicolor lighting LED, it will help for energy efficiency and also the long life time of LED will reduce the cost of replacement.