Master Bedroom Maximization for Small Room

Even with small room, it is very possible to make a luxury master bedroom. It depend the combination of room color, furniture color, furniture design, and lighting technique. Those combinations of master bedroom design will give different effect to a room, even the differences of the color or the design is very narrow. Every color has its story that very contrast one to others. So using a color or combining colors really affect to the room atmosphere.

Coloring the Master Bedroom

Master bedroom decorating ideas are very varieties. With a small size master bedroom, using the dark color as the main color is not allowed because the room will look smaller than usual. Using bright and light color, also pastel color is recommended. Bright and light color like white, light brown, light grey and more will give sense of luxury to the room. Pastel color like light purple, light yellow, cream, and more give sense of spirit but still calm.

Furniture for the Master Bedroom

King size bed in master bedroom in small room is allowed but depends how to decorate it, so it will not cause the room looks smaller. Using white color bed is better. This bed can be combined with very dark brown blanket and dark brown pillow. Behind the bed additional decoration like light brown walls can be placed there. For more bright and light effect, adding the white lamp over there is very helpful. Beside the bed can be placed a simple wooden table with drawers. For beautify the room, a simple painting with simple frame can be placed above the simple wooden table. A white-green combination painting will give clement sense to the room.

To minimize the space using, a simple wooden light brown wardrobe should be place in the corner of the room. The design of the wardrobe must flat design, without carving. Adding mirror in the wardrobe door will make the room feel wider. Television can be placed on the wall to minimize the space using. So the master bedroom will get maximize with modern and simple design.