Laundry Cabinet Design for Home

It will very useful to make a set of laundry cabinet when having additional space in house. It just need at least two meters of length and one meter of width to place one washing machine, one cabinet to place the clothes, and wall cabinet in the top of wall to store others washing tools. Laundry cabinet ideas have been appeared from many architects in the world. From luxury design, unique design, classic design, and very simple design.

Classic and Unique Design of Laundry Cabinet

It is very interesting to combine the classic design with unique design to make laundry cabinet homey and pleasant. A room with four meters of length and 2 meters of width should be enough to make it. Start by combined the cream-colored wall with light brown wooden floor. Pleasurable sense will automatically come out from this combination. Adding some wooden classic cabinet with dark brown color will strengthen the classic touch.

To issue the sense of unique in this laundry cabinet, adding some unique furniture is needed. While waiting for the washing machine work, people need to sit or rest, so placing a chair or sofa is the best choice. Unique sofa can be realized by placing a black-white stripes or zebra stripes pattern sofa. This patterns that combined to classic furniture will give unique sense. Adding a wooden basket for dirty clothes is very helpful to make this room more unique. Themes of others things must adapt to this room condition, for example placing a classic-vase of plants in the corner, buy some white-brown combination color for the towel and hanger. The final decoration is placing a small dark brown wooden carpet.

Additional Add-On for Classic and Unique Laundry Cabinet

Laundry cabinet sink will complete this laundry area design perfectly. White round sink with simple knob is suitable for this design. To make the room feel wider, adding a simple design mirror is necessary. This laundry cabinet will be more elegant by adding a simple silver modern design of knob of the sink.