Landing Art Design in Year 2013

Talking about arts will never ending story, especially the topic about landing art design. Landing art gallery is placed at the waterfront in Historic Port Angeles Washington. Designing by Western Washington Artists like Janet Beers, Anna Wiancko-Chasman, and Jeff Tocher, this gallery sells varieties of products, such as jewelry, glass, metal, ceramics and pottery, acrylics, and more.

Landing Art Design of Jewelry

Many varieties of jewelry are produced by landing art design. Linda Parcell, one of jewelry sets consist of necklace and earrings. The color, whether the necklace or the earrings, majority containing by turquoise and brown. There are several types of stone that constructed this jewelry. The flat brown stone affect the people who use it looks thin and affect the necklace looks not too big and heavy. The flat silver stone with whole patterns adds another sense of elegant and pretty. Another sense of elegant is added by the rounded green stone covered by flower pattern plated. The transparent light brown make the necklace look light and mild. The black and white solid stone will give sense of younger to the people who wear it.

The other jewelry by landing art design is Cultured Potato Pearls or Sterling Silver Clam Shell Pendant, designed by Sharon Shenar. Not much color is used in this landing art necklace, just metallic cream-colored and dark gold. Simple and elegant, that will be appeared to mind. The dark gold shell pendants strengthen the girly effect. The pearls around woman neck give sense of elegant. The rest is the gold chains which will hang down it the woman back, it will enough to make them look sexier.

Landing Art Design of Wall Art

Janet Beers, artist who made “Blessing” wall art want to tell people how father loves his son or daughter. Love is sacrifice and everyone knows that is not easy for totally loving someone. Janet used watercolor to create this wall art and make this picture look alive. The combination of calm colors is light blue, blue, light orange, and light pink give peaceful touch. The landing art design provides a story behind every art products.