Garden Decks in House Garden Design

To beautify a house, it is very appropriate to build garden decks. It will be a very good place whether for looking for solitude, for relaxing area, or just for decorating a house to make it seen shady and clement. Garden decks and patio, is perfect match to enhance a house and give more sense of homey. Patio, a word from Spanish, is an outdoor space usually used for family or relatives dining area, also used for house party, or just for family recreation. While garden decks usually built by wooden material, patio generally built by paving slab.

Several Garden Decks Design

When a house is located near forest or an area that covered with a lot of tree, it will be very amazing to build garden decks with all wooden material in the same color. As people know in Twilight Saga film, the Cullen family’s house has garden decks design on the 2nd floor with full wooden material. It will give the family feelings of peace, serenity, and silence. It can be named as classic decks. Wooden garden decks have to be treated well. Located outside, makes the wooden material will bound easily with surrounding moist air.

If a house has a swimming pool, it will be so fabulous to build garden decks. Whether if garden decks or patio, it can be adapted to the design of swimming pool.  Just for additional add-on, by joining the swimming pool with the decks, placing a jumping board there will be a good idea for alternative entertainment. The decks also can be built without fence, so people will feel wider even on the small deck. Shady can green effects can be added by planting bulrushes and flowers around the deck.

Another Function of Garden Decks

Not only just for recreation, party, or dining place, garden decks have another function. This is a very good idea to place a fitness tools there. While people do exercise or workout, they also can enjoy the outside clear air, with green view and sometimes forest or trees view if the area covered by trees. Adding a medium size classic flower vase in garden decks will make the environment more beautiful.