Electrified Oil Lamp Handpainted Design

Nowadays, electrified oil lamp has been well-known and begins to modify more and more. Basically, the old oil lamp is a light producer using oil as the fuel source. It has been used for long time ago. Following the changing of era, it is modified with electrical instrument. It is no longer using oil as the fuel source, the electricity substitute the oil as the source of the lamp. This can simplify the work system of this new version oil lamp.

Designing the Electrified Oil Lamp

It is not only stop in changing the source of this oil lamp. It can be continued to modify from its design. While the buyers of this electrified oil lamp are increase, the more unique design can be provided to them.  From the physic model, it can be made to electrified hanging oil lamp and electrified standing oil lamp. Both of them have its advantages. Standing oil lamp can be divided for two type, table oil lamp and standing floor oil lamp.

Another unique idea to modify the electrified oil lamp is by designing the motif. It will be more interesting if the design is handpainted. For example, giving a flower and leaves design on its body or drawing some motif in its glass. It will give motif effect to the light.

Parts of Electrified Oil Lamp

The electrified oil lamp parts are not too different with the old oil lamp. There are burners, collars, chimneys, shade holders, glass shades, and wicks. Collars are cemented in the glass neck using plaster or latex. Chimney is used to cover the lamp wicks. Shade holders are a metal fitting that support a glass shade on the burner. Glass shades are the outer cover from this lamp. Usually, there are a lot of design for this glass shades. While the oil lamp use oil burner as the fuel source, the electrified oil lamp use electric burner as the fuel source.