Chestnut Hill Property by OMA and A+SL Studios

Chestnut Hill Property by OMA and A+SL Studios

The present Chestnut Hill Property was built-in 1983 like a “Solar House” having a couple of large home windows around the south side and deep set openings in thick exterior insulation over concrete block. The resulting interior spaces were dark and cold.

Sited on land which was initially a part of an estate designed by F.L. Olmstead Affiliates in 1909, the home was bought in 1996 by Mitch Kapor, founding father of Lotus Development, who made several minor modifications handled by Mark Remedy and Anne Snelling-Lee, designers at Leers Weinzapfel Affiliates at that time.

Due to their previous knowledge about the cool house, the newest proprietors were known to Snelling-Lee and Remedy, who, like a sl galleries, ongoing to collaborate on complex commercial and residential projects after departing LWA. The owners’ growing family and fervour for eco-friendly design mandated an entire reappraisal from the interior spaces as well as their link with the website, in addition to technological upgrades to strengthen the house’s original mission and also to make an up-to-date sustainability statement.

Chestnut Hill Property

The inside spaces happen to be opened up up and roofs increased. A brand new master suite suite and living room additions provide needed spaces for that couple as well as their youthful children. A brand new passage across the south side hooking up the living, dining, kitchen, and family rooms continues to be produced having a wall of high end home windows to reveal the pastoral site using the interior and also to ton the rooms with sun light. NFC Licensed veneers and hardwood floors put on cabinetry, flooring, walls, and built-inches lend warmth and a feeling of natural materials towards the new house.