Albatross Residence Design by BGD Architects

Albatross Residence Design is situated with an exclusive residential street, with simply one neighbouring property towards the north, the website adjoins extensive park towards the south and absolute beach towards the east. The residence effectively accomplishes its very own oasis, by taking beach vista and access although maintaining a personal yet expansive pool and entertaining core.

This residence design is made to accommodate an increasing family, multiple visitors and frequent entertaining. Admission to the residence is by a recycled timber colonnade and gatehouse that grants or loans covered use of both wings of the home. The road front facing wing benefits visitors generously using their own living space, bathroom and kitchen amenities, having a secondary stair connecting towards the primary media, bar and games room below.

Albatross Residence Design have A large glazed hallway systems the central courtyard on the floor and bottom floor giving scenic circulation beyond the primary amenities although supplying aesthetic flow, travelling the timber stair. Privacy is made certain and sun light is created abundant because the open tread stair is backlight entirely by opaque double glazed. The centralised amenities assist quick access and circulation to make sure a properly functioning home. Louvred double glazed continues to be utilized through the the place to find control ventilation by natural breezes.

Photography: Studio Ultra – Remco Jansen

Building Services: MDA Consulting Engineers

Landscape: Nerocane

Lighting Design: Tony Dowthwaite Lighting Design

Structural Engineering: Cozens Regan Williams Prove

Interior Designers: Sonia Hill, BGD Architects, Edge Design & Interiors, POD (FF&E)

Architects: BGD Architects