Ippudo Restaurant Design by Koichi Takada

Ippudo Restaurant Design by Koichi Takada

Ippudo is developed to present the Japanese noodle tradition into Australian eating. More than simply a restaurant, Ippudo is really a collection of the noodle tradition, exhibiting conventional noodle bowls as well as spoons, and a conventional clay characteristic wall from Hakata, the birth place of Ippudo. The keenness of the employees are resembled in their service and greetings – all getting section of the Ippudo dining expertise.

The struggle from the restaurant was the undulating timber threshold. It symbolizes the ‘gust of wind’, the actual Japanese specification of Ippudo. It informs the story; a plot of Ippudo’s history, and also permits a look into the customs of Japanese dining. Ippudo enables you to escape – the climate is appealing. The lighting,  finishes  and timber displays create depth and texture .

Ippudo Restaurant Design by Koichi Takada

Ippudo is recognized for the ‘crafted’ meals. The noodle creating procedure belongs to the ability, with books and photos concerning the routine and recipe. This painstaking awareness of depth carries in the food towards the interior, where excellent detail is viewed in the application of organic finishes. The interior is exciting and organic – the delicate timber figure are welcoming, the general expertise is a unique and modern understanding of dining in Japan.

Photographs: Sharrin Rees

Construction Team: Bonar Interiors

Design Team: Koichi Takada Architects