K³ House Design by Juri Troy Architects

K³ House Design by Juri Troy Architects.

The concept of the work would be to reconstruct a single family house through the 1960’s positioned at the advantage of the wooden right into a three-family house. Regardless of the doubling of the living area the whole back garden area might be maintained. Therefore both the established constructing parts project as a genuine wooden column-free development up to 5 m across the estate.

K³ House Design by Juri Troy Architects.

By way of utilizing completely high protected cover using a silver fir color and contemporary installations using a managed constructing air flow the heating system need might be even decreased, and also this inspite of the increasing of the area. The concept of a contemporary three-family house as an focused living form symbolizes – especially in the dispersed arrangement area of Vorarlberg – an outstanding substitute for a separate one-family house.

Photography: Studio 22  – Architects: Juri Troy Architects