Rocky Mountain House

Rocky Mountain House

Is located in Alberta Canada, and it has a long established history since the 18th century. This was built by the North West Company as a post for fur trading between Canada’s and Britain’s fur traders. The establishment was shut with the end of fur trading in 1875. However, the name of the place still maintains its charm. It is situated at the union of Clearwater and North Saskatchewan Rivers, and one can view the Rocky Mountains from the town. The fort in the town was the centre that facilitated trade between the region and the Blackfeet and Piegans. Besides being an important establishment for fur trade, the fort also served as a stop for the ones looking for a pass in the Rocky Mountains.

Rocky mountain house

Is now known amongst travelers as a place where they can unwind and relax in a salubrious environment. The wonderful sights and panoramas attract many tourists who can also choose to indulge in available adventure sports like hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, etc. Here, the Tuff Puff trail is one of the most famous trails for hiking. A lot of people prefer camping in the wilderness of this pristine place with enchanting and picturesque surroundings. This place has many recreational activities to indulge in, and there are a number of places to be explored. One can choose to be adventurous and go for snow mobile rides or skiing through the undulating terrains or can also laze around a day sitting beside the Pinto Lake or Crescent Falls.

More current attractions of Rocky Mountain House are its skate park, ice surface, tennis courts, etc. Nearby, places like Ram River Canyon, Kootenay Plains, Abraham Lake, etc add the rest of the charm to this historical settlement, making Rocky Mountain House a wonderful tourist spot.