Elegant Sofas and Leather Tub Chairs Make Great Accent Pieces for Living Room Areas

So you’ve painted the walls, picked the curtains, and even purchased crystal chandeliers for your living room. But something seems amiss: the room looks bland, the furniture stale, and guests respond with a ‘huh’ than a ‘wow!’. What your room is missing are a few accent pieces such as leather sofas and tub chairs.

The dictionary definition of ‘accent’ is to stress or emphasize something. Accent furniture pieces do exactly that in a living room: they accent the room’s decor, help draw the viewer’s attention, and complement the artwork and lighting in the room. Accent pieces may not even be functional. Their primary purpose is, in the words of The Dude from ‘The Big Lebowski’, to ‘tie the room together’.

Elegant sofas and leather tub chairs make for great accent furniture while still being functional. Their material, texture, and ability to draw the viewer’s gaze can be used to create truly interesting interior designs. Some of the reasons why your living room needs such accent pieces are:

1. The Material

Leather is the undisputed king of furniture upholstery materials. No material – natural or synthetic – can match the grace, ruggedness and sheer plushness of leather. Leather has a rich fall and looks especially good with sofas and tub chairs. Since the material immediately draws attention, it is perfect for giving a semblance of solidity and direction to a room’s decor.

2. Functionality

Leather sofas and tub chairs are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing. Elegant leather sofas can accommodate multiple guests comfortably, while tub chairs make for cozy, warm seating.

3. Colours

Elevate a room from the blandness of beige with leather sofas and tub chairs. The dark, rich colour tones of leather are perfect for emphasising the living room’s decor, as tub chairs in leather and black make great accent pieces and can be strategically placed around the room to direct a guest’s gaze in a desired direction.

4. Making a Statement

Leather sofas and tub chairs are bold and extravagant furniture pieces. Placing them in a living room makes a strong, bold statement. Place a leather tub chair before a wall and you will automatically cause the viewer to look in that way – perfect for a wall covered with paintings or artwork.

5. Mix it up
Want to go all out? Pick leather sofas and tub chairs in animal prints. Nothing is bolder than a sofa covered in zebra stripes or leopard print. Complement with animal motifs in the room’s artwork to create your very own virtual safari.