Green Architecture: Save our Planet

Green Architecture

means the designing procedure of a building which will mark less amount of environmental impact. To be straight, it will have a reduced affect on our planet. It can be done either by reutilizing existing materials or using materials which are sustainable to surrounded environment. These materials are referred as eco-friendly. The main purpose is to design such environment-friendly construction so that it can safeguard main elements of our nature like water, air, surface etc.

Green Architecture is a great way of reducing wastages which are dangerous and pollute our environment to great extent. It also enables us to utilize energy, water and other natural sources in an effective and efficient way.

Green Architecture

encompasses some prior criteria which are indispensable to follow. Like ventilation system for effective heating and cooling, water saving system, energy reducing lighting and facilities, maximum use of solar system, minimum level of harming to the habitant, avoiding use of intoxicated materials and equipments and so on. The designs under the Green Architecture not only help the world to be a better place to live, but also allow us to enhance our emotional, spiritual, mental and even physical quality of daily lives.

There is a very important factor that can arouse in any one’s mind. Going through this, none should believe that existing buildings can’t be made such. The buildings can also come under
Green Architecture if those buildings can be renovated to the guided ways.