Millionaire Homes

Millionaire Homes of Celebrities

Paparazzi’s are everywhere. People are always interested in finding out what kind of home does their favourite celebrities live in. And thanks to paparazzi because they always find ways to expose the celebrities’ millionaire homes. We crave about finding how they live in their private lives. The famous couple David and Victoria Beckham multi-million dollar mansion, also known as the “Beckingham Palace” was rumoured that they are selling the palace for $29 million. The palace was purchased after the wedding back in 1999. Although the house is too big for a family of five, the couple said that there are still not enough rooms for the visitors or guests that will visit them.

One of the most famous celebrities’ millionaire homes is the house of 50 cent. Mike Tyson was the former owner of 50 cent’s mansion. He bought it for just $4.1 million. The house was originally worth $25 million. The mansion has 19 bedrooms, 5 jacuzzis, 4 kitchens, a gym, a movie theatre and an indoor shooting range. The formal living room inside is overlooking to a koi pond and the pool area is like the Playboy Mansion’s infinity pool. The house is featured in “Cribs”, MTV’s famous show. This mansion is surely one of the stunning millionaire homes.

Millionaire Homes of Celebrities

Halle berry, an Oscar winning actress and her boyfriend bought a house in Beverly Hills for $2.2 million. The house has only 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. Yes it is a small house compared to other celebrities’ millionaire homes but the house is like a hideaway. It is an old Mediterranean one of a kind house with fountains, gardens, fire pit, dining and a stone spa. The house is casual yet classic. With the wide wood floors, the wood ceilings, a dramatic staircase, carved fireplaces and French windows and doors, the place is perfect for a sweet getaway hideout. The house is perfect for celebrities who want privacy.