Expensive houses

Expensive Houses

Everyone’s dream is to live in a beautiful, luxurious, attractive and grand house. But we all know that if you want to live big, you have to earn big. Some doesn’t matter where to live but for some it does matter. Here are the top three most expensive houses in the world. These houses are not only just expensive but also one of the most beautiful and stunning houses in the world. Each house is designed depending on the owner’s personality and each house is a sign of modernity and glamor. So here’s the list. The top three is the “Villa Leopolda.” This house is located at French Rivera built by King Leopold II in 1902. The house is cost around $525 million and bought by a Russian billionaire. It has 19 bedrooms, 27 stories and 50 gardeners. Aside from the beautiful and big pool outside the house, this house is located near the one of the best beach front views in France. It is rumored that the owner of the house lost billions of money because of the economy collapse but still able to purchase this $500 million house to enjoy him.

Expensive Houses

Another one of the most expensive houses in the world is the “Antilla” owned by an Indian millionaire, MukeshAmbani. The house is the top 2 most expensive house. It is located in Mumbai, India. It is a 27-story house with 6 floors parking, 4-story garden, ice room and a gym. If you’re living in this house, you don’t need to go out to look for fun. This house has everything. The things that you want to do or the places you want to go are in this house.

And the top one most expensive house in the world is “Gold House”.  Another one of the most expensive houses in the world. Currently spots as the top one. It is cost $12.12 billion by Stuart Hughes and located in a discreet location in Switzerland. This house is also known as the first gold house ever built. It has 8 bedrooms, 4 garages with 388 square meters of terrace and with the shavings of original 65 million old dinosaur bones which is a T-rex dinosaur. The bones are implant in each tile in the house.[source]